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Fabio Lione (30. Mai 2011):

I think it's something natural, probably we just need to do and write about something different than fantasy after 14 years. I'm sure the fans will understand and support us.

Rhapsody Of Fire will release their new album "From Chaos To Eternity" on June 17th. Stormbringer spoke with Fabio Lione about the new album and his current activities as guest singer for Kamelot.

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Interview by xandra

Rhapsody Of Fires new album "From Chaos To Eternity" will be released on June 17th. What can the people expect?

Fabio Lione: The new album is something really interesting, first because we have many nice and great songs, which are different from usual, so I can say that for sure it will be not boring!!! He,he and a kind of surprise for the fans. Second I have to say that we did great work on it 'cause it's the one that will close the saga and probably the fantasy era of Rhapsody.

Christopher Lee is narrating on the new album again. I don't know Rhapsody for too long so I can't help but asking how the collaboration was born initially.

Fabio: He was interested because he loves Italy and opera. I think he was listening me singin' some Italian songs like “Lamento eroico” and so Mr. Lee decided to be part of the band as main narrator for some albums!!!I have to say that he's really a great person, nice, with a great sense of humor and it was really nice workin' with him and talk with him, also in Italian, he speaks my language very well.

The new album contains a lot of songs sung in Italian. They turned out really great. Do you prefer to sing in English or in Italian?

Fabio: Well, it depends, of course the Italian language is much more sweet and i think it's really the best language for singin', but in English you can sing for much more people and this language is perfect for rock music. So I can say that I like to sing in both languages, but of course you have a different mood and passion, if you sing in your own language.

It has been recently announced that with the new album the era of fantasy driven songs will come to an end. What's the reason for such a change in direction?

Fabio: I think it's something natural, probably we just need to do and write about something different now after 14 years. I'm sure the fans will understand and support us. I think we did great things..and we'll do great new things in the future.. Nobody will be disappointed about the band.

From Chaos To Eternity

iIt has been recently announced that Tom Hess is joining the band as a second guitar player. Who's the guy and what can we expect from him?

Fabio: He's a friend of mine since many years,a great guy,a great and talented guitar player. We had such great time together and I'm really happy to have him in the band now. I think he will help the band to grow more and more.

Has the band plans to go on tour after the new album is out?

Fabio: Well, I hope so!!! I think we'll play as much as we can to promote the new work. We did an amazing tour in Europe and South-America and I'm sure fans want to see us again soon. I love to play and I think that a Rhapsody show is something that people will remember and want to see and feel. Let's share some "magic"with our fans.

You are on tour a lot this year, first with Rhapsody of Fire and now with Kamelot. Don't you miss being home sometimes?

Fabio: Well...sometimes..yes!!! But I have to say that I really love what I do and to sing and i feel really lucky 'cause I can work with 2 great bands. Have a good time, see many different places around and make people happy.

Are there any plans for a new live DVD in the future?

Fabio: Mmm..not at the moment, but I'm sure we'll do and think about that for the next tour!!!

Fabio Lione

How is the tour with Kamelot going so far?

Fabio: Great!!! I have to say that the guys are very nice, I love the songs and the band and everything is goin' in the best way. I'm also very happy to see that the Kamelot fans are with me and the
band. Every show we have a great time, it's a great experience for me. We feel like old friends, I have to say that we are havin' a great time and great shows together.

Currently you are a temporary replacement of Khan in Kamelot. Would you ever consider a permanent place in Kamelot should the guys of the band ask you?

Fabio: Well, I would love it!!! The Kamelot songs are great, I really like the style and Khan is probably one of the few singers that I like. So of course I would consider that!!! But first let's do the European tour and the North-American one, Then, if they will ask me, I'll be more than happy to join the band permanently. Since the first time we met and played together we had a very good feelin'. Everything was easy and natural like we knew each other for years and everybody who saw the band in South-America or Europe said we did great shows!!! I'm happy for the guys and the fans, so let's see what the future will bring for us -.never say never!!!

Where are the differences or challenges in singing for your own band in comparison to being a guest singer in another well established band like Kamelot?

Fabio: It's not easy, I have to say, but in this case I knew khan since the Conception era and I know his voice,style and way to sing, he's great!!! So it was a little bit more easy for me 'cause I knew the songs and especially the singer very well, but you have to be in front of many people, fans that are used to see and hear someone else, it's not really an easy job. The best is do it with passion and make people happy. Anyway I don't think I do something easy in Rhapsody of Fire or Vision Divine, I always liked to do not easy things and this new experience it's very good for me. I just try to do it in the best way I can.

Rhapsody Of Fire

What part of being a musician do you enjoy more - being on stage performing or being in the studio, creating new music?

Fabio: Mmm..both!!! I mean the stage is unique, the feeling is different but to create something new and feel and live the studio moments is something that you can't forget, so. I will say I love both sides.

What kind of music do you like to listen to, when you are not making music yourself?

Fabio: Pop, opera, dance, rock, metal, well I listen all that I can 'cause I love music.

You are in the music business since quite some time now. Has your view on the music world changed over the years?

Fabio: Of course!!! I do this because i love music and I think it's great when you have passion and heart, doesn't matter if you sing, paint or whatever, what makes me sad is to see people doin' things just for money, or fame or ego!!! I mean, it's a quite difficult world, fake sometimes and not nice but if you are able to manage it in your way and you are a good one you can go on and smile to the bad moments and bad people..

What is your driving force to make music?

Fabio: Passion for the music.

You are active in 2 bands. Is that because it is nice to have different bands so you can express one's creativity or could you say being in different bands is a necessity in the current music industry?

Fabio: Well, today of course it's not easy and in the past it was more "easy" to survive and live with doin' music, but i always had more bands, I love music and I can't really stay at home doin' nothing, so I just think I need to be active in more and different music projects!!!

Are there any plans for concerts or a new album from Vision Divine?

Fabio: Yes, we are writin' new material and of course we'll record a new album, when we'll finish the new songs!!!!

Thank you very much for the interview, Fabio!

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