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MORBID ANGEL - unterschreiben bei Seasons of Mist

MORBID ANGEL - unterschreiben bei Seasons of Mist
Die Death Metal Legende MORBID ANGEL hat einen Deal bei Seasons of Mist Records unterschrieben:

Frontman David Vincent comments.
"I am truly looking forward to our new relationship with Season of Mist. Michael Berberian has a lot of artistic vision and is a real music fan. This has been a long process to get to this point and in my opinion, it was worth the wait!"

"I'm really stoked to be working now with SOM!!!!", adds founding member Trey Azagthoth. "The French have always shown me they much more value art over Fabricated Flatlined Hype, and it's this artistic minded value that will open so many new doors for extreme music as a whole. Mind Makes Meaning, why not own the process?"
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