MOTÖRHEAD - 'Lemmy' der Film zweiter Trailer & Video Rundgang durch Lemmy's Bude!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 30.11.2010 um 22:07 Uhr

Lemmy, dringt tief in das private und öffentliche Leben der Rock Ikone Lemmy Kilmister ein und zeigt zudem nie vorher gesehene Einblicke. "Lemmy" wird von Entertainment One 24. Januar 2011 auf DVD veröffentlicht. Der Film feierte in den USA im März 2010 während des South by Southwest im historischen Paramount Theatre in Austin in Texas Premiere.

Lemmy made its world premier in March 2010 during South by Southwest (SXSW) Film and Music Festival in Austin, TX. Lemmy was directed and produced by Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski, who spent three years shooting the long-awaited documentary. Lemmy captures the 64-year-old embodiment of the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle as he travels the globe, relaxes at home and plays to sold-out audiences from Seattle to Moscow, among several other surprises.

Over more than four decades, the drug-fueled, raspy-voiced Kilmister's career has intersected with many of the touchstone moments in rock: He saw THE BEATLES at the Cavern Club, he served as a roadie for JIMI HENDRIX, he mentored Sid Vicious and played in both Merseybeat and psychedelic rock bands before fusing punk and metal and thus providing the inspiration for thrash metal with Motörhead.

Lemmy finds Kilmister candidly opening up about his life and career, and features appearances by such friends/admirers as METALLICA, DAVE GROHL, SLASH, OZZY OSBOURNE, Billy Bob Thornton and professional wrestler Triple H.

Jetzt wurde das zweite Promo Video online gestellt.

In einem neuen Video des RollingStone Magazin könnt Ihr euch mal die Bude von Lemmy Kilmister ansehen.


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