THE CATALYST – CRYPTOPSY Sänger Matt McGachy steigt ein!

Text: Tom
Veröffentlicht am 28.03.2012 um 19:02 Uhr

Die Thrash/Deather THE CATALYST aus Montreal (Kanada), verkünden den Einstieg von Matt McGachy (CRYPTOPSY, 3 MILE SCREAM, THE ERA OF), nachdem der ehemalige Sänger Matt Bailie die Band verließ.

Kommentar von THE CATALYST Gitarrist Graham „G“ McDonagh: "We had reached somewhat of a crossroads, and it had become obvious to everyone in the band the there were two distinct directions forming. The separation with Matt Bailie was amicable and we will remain dear friends, but was necessary for the continuation and growth of the band. Having known and played with Matt McGachy previously and being very familiar with his vocal style and skill, it was clear to us that we are on the same wave length with him and that he is the perfect fit for THE CATALYST both musically, personally and professionally at this crucial point in the band's history. We are extremely excited to continue writing brand new material, performing live and taking the next steps with Matt McGachy onboard!"

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