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HERETOIR - 'Substanz' Compilation, Details!

HERETOIR - 'Substanz' Compilation, Details!
Die deutschen HERETOIR werden mit „Substanz“ eine Compilation veröffentlichen.

"After a long time of waiting I'm happy to finally reveal some news about the upcoming rerelease: this compilation of all older Heretoir tracks and a completely rerecorded edition of .Existenz. will be entitled 'Substanz.'

The cover art picture has been painted by Herbst of Lantlôs - I really like his style of painting and I think that this picture really represents the mood of this release very well!

'Substanz' will be released in August 2012 via Northern Silence Productions as 2CD Digipack and LP - the exact release date will follow soon!"
Artikel vom 05.04.2012, 14:39 Uhr | Autor: Tom | Zugriffe: 688
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