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Bei von 2009 bis 2015

ehemaliger Mitarbeiter

about me * certified photographer * founder of * music, sports & electronic editor for Xpress Magazine * pr & marketing agent for mamis * newsletter editor and pr supporter for and ((szene)) Wien * accreditationmanager, editor, cd censor for STORMBRINGER * photographer for and * eventmanager founder of MADNESS?, Hüttengaudi and party.AUS clubbing series organizer of Auradau festival co-organizer of Hell Over Tulln festival * vocalist and guitarist for the alternative punk rock band Dam³it * vocalist and guitarist for the deathcore band bulimiakilledmydog activities photography, music, pr & marketing, text editing, event organisation, snowboarding, mountainbiking/downhill, photo editing, art/design... interests guitars, girls, coffee, the legend of zelda fav music METAL, especially: Death Metal, Viking Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Folk Metal, Pagan Metal, True Scottish Pirate Metal, Heavy Metal, Deathcore, Metalcore, Grindcore, Power Metal, Speed Metal, True Metal, Extreme Metal, NuMetal, Doom Metal, Melodic Metal, Hair Metal, Christian Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal... fav TVshows in general i admit the 80s/90s cartoon series animes dragonball, death note... shows metalocalypse, californication... fav movies reservoir dogs, battle royale, 300, the lord of the rings... fav books dan brown the lost symbol, angels & demons, the da vinci code, deception point, digital fortress sergei lukjanenko night watch, day watch, twilight watch, last watch others äon, domain, battle royale, death note, the genesis code... - i'm a dinosaur pirate - i RAWRR! and drink rum and stuff - berni @ Facebook
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