Interview: SUBSIGNAL - Markus Steffen & Arno Menses


We wanted to skip the crucial third album and go directly to the fourth one! (Arno Menses)

When I first heard that the SUBSIGNAL gig in Vienna was re-scheduled to a very small location due to poor ticket pre-sales, i was definetely not the only one who thought "what the hell is going on?". There's a cool band in town, and no one shows up. At last some seventy people came to witness this manifestation of Prog-Metal at it's best. Prior to the gig at a local bar called "Local Bar" we organised a little come-together with guitarist Markus Steffen and vocalist Arno Menses at the "Fly's Fifties Restaurant" next door, to talk about the general problems of Prog-Rock, the commitments of a third album, SIEGES EVEN and times long past.

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