KREATOR: kündigen Europa Tour mit DECAPITATED & DAGOBA im Januar 2018 an!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 31.08.2017 um 17:31 Uhr

Die Deutschen Thrash Metal Veteranen KREATOR kommen im Januar 2018 mit DECAPITATED und DAGOBA auf Europa Tour. 

Mille sagte: "Hordes! Do not miss this night of absolute aggression on our second European tour for 'Gods Of Violence'! See you in the pit!"

"[They're] very much stream of consciousness style. You just start writing something down. Every time I have music or sometimes I have the lyrics first, sometimes I have the title first. A lot of times I have the title first, then I try to fill the title that I think sounds cool with a meaning. Sometimes I come up with a story that I try to fill with life. For example, the song 'Death Becomes My Light', I was reading a lot about near-death experiences. I wanted to write a song about somebody that experienced that and he comes back to life and he tries to tell all of his friends about it. He's all excited to tell everyone that 'You don't have to be afraid.' And nobody listens. That's the frustration and the sadness is reflected in that song. 'World War Now', of course, is, for example, it's been kind of based on the [2015 terrorist attack] at the Bataclan [Theatre in France], but not really. I don't really like to write about current events too much because I want to write lyrics that still have the same meaning five years from now. I try to keep it pretty much timeless, so to speak."

Tour Dates:

Jan. 11 - FR - Lille, Splendid
Jan. 12 - FR - Reims, Cartonnerie
Jan. 13 - FR - Rouen, Le 106
Jan. 14 - FR - Bordeaux, Le Rocher Palmer
Jan. 15 - FR - Lyon, Transbordeur
Jan. 16 - CH - Lausanne, Docks
Jan. 17 - IT - Bologna, Zona Roveri
Jan. 18 - SI - Ljubljana, Kino Siska
Jan. 19 - RS - Belgrade, Hala Sportova
Jan. 20 - GR - Thessaloniki, Principal Club Theater
Jan. 21 - GR - Athens, Piraeus 117 Academy
Jan. 23 - MK - Skopje, MKC 
Jan. 24 - BG - Sofia, Mixtape 5
Jan. 25 - RO - Bucharest, Arenele Romane
Jan. 26 - HU - Budapest, Barba Negra Music Club
Jan. 27 - CZ - Zlin, Masters of Rock Cafe
Jan. 28 - CZ - Prague, Meetfactory

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