PHANTOM 5: streamen neuen Song "Baptised"!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 12.09.2017 um 00:35 Uhr

Die Deutschen Melodic Hard Rocker PHANTOM 5 veröffentlichen am 13. Oktober ihr neues Album "Play To Win" via Frontiers Music srl. Nach den "Play To Win" Album Details und dem Musikvideo zum Song "Crossfire" wurden jetzt hier der neue Track "Baptised" online gestellt.

Michael Voss sagte: "To all the rockers out there, we are more than happy to continue this lab our of love and come back with a bang! Again, guitar wizard Robby Boebel delivered powerful riffs and Claus wrote some magic melodies. The drums were delivered by heart-pounding visual timekeeper Axel Kruse and taped by the famous Rolf Munkes at Empire Studios. 11 well balanced songs, full of emotion and power, right in the vein of our first album. If you like the first one, you will love the new one! Come and get it... and play it loud...we play 2 win!"

Track List:

01. The Change In You
02. Crossfire
03. Baptised
04. Read Your Mind
05. Play To Win
06. Child Soldiers
07. Do You Believe In Love
08. Phantom Child
09. Had Enuff
10. Shadows Dance
11. Reach Out

PRODUCED BY: Michael Voss

STUDIO: Kidroom Studios, Greven, Germany. Drum Recordings by Ralf Munkes at Empire Studios, Bensheim, Germany.
RECORDED BY: Michael Voss
MIXED BY: Michael Voss
MASTERED BY: Michael Voss


Claus Lessmann - Lead Vocals
Michael Voss – Guitars, Bass and Backing Vocals
Robert Boebel - Guitars and Keyboards
Axel Kruse - Drums & Xplosions

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