IMPUREZA: posten neuen Song "Sangre Para Los Dioses"!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 13.09.2017 um 02:09 Uhr

IMPUREZA veröffentlichen am 10. November ihr neues Album mit dem Titel "La Caída de Tonatiuh" via Season of Mist. Der zweite neue Song "Sangre Para Los Dioses" wurde hier online gestellt.

Die Band sagte: "In the name of their gods the Aztec people make human sacrifices in order to feed and honor their divinities. These sacrifices and rituals allow to preserve the balance of nature and thus bring prosperity and protection to the whole dynasty. The Aztec vow an adoration and submission cult to their gods. The rite of human sacrifice is practiced regularly and massively.
We are proud to present 'Sangre Para Los Dioses'! This title alone, represents the very essence of Impureza's universe, a condensed version of our Iberian roots and a total fusion between extreme music and Spanish sounds. Discover our most exotic song composed to date, tribal, brutal, and flamenco."

Track List:

01. Lamentos De Un Condenado
02. Sangre Para Los Dioses
03. Otumba, 1520
04. El Dorado
05. Abre-Aguas (En la Tormenta de Tlaloc)
06. Leyenda Negra
07. Corazón Al Cielo (Homenaje A Paco De Lucía)
08. Camino Hacia Mictlán
09. El Nuevo Reino De Los Ahorcados
10. Ultimo Día Del Omeyocán
11. La Caída De Tonatiuh
12. La Llegada De Los Teules


Esteban Martín: Vocals
Lionel Cano Muñoz: rhythm, Lead, and Spanish Guitars
Olivier Hanoulle: Rhythm Guitar
Florian Saillard: Fretless Bass
Guilhem Auge: Brums

Gast Musiker:

Mayline Gautié (Adagio & Idensity): Violin on "El Dorado"
Xavier Hamon (Yapa): Latin Percussion (cajón, bongos, congas, chimes)
Hakata Ooh (Akphaezya): Female Vocals

WERBUNG: Rockhouse Bar