AC/DC: Gitarrist Malcolm Young ist im Alter von 64 Jahren verstorben!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 18.11.2017 um 14:30 Uhr

Die Musikwelt trauert um AC/DC Gitarrist Malcolm Young. Der Bruder von Angus und George Young wurde 64 Jahre alt. Malcolm Young gehörte zu den Gründungsmitgliedern der australischen Hardrock Band AC/DC und ist nach langer Krankheit verstorben. Malcolm Young litt an unter anderem Demenz. Details zur Todesursache wurden noch nicht bekannt geben.

Die Band hat auf Facebook folgendes Statement veröffentlicht: "Today it is with deep heartfelt sadness that AC/DC has to announce the passing of Malcolm Young. Malcolm, along with Angus, was the founder and creator of AC/DC. With enormous dedication and commitment he was the driving force behind the band.

As a guitarist, songwriter and visionary he was a perfectionist and a unique man. He always stuck to his guns and did and said exactly what he wanted. He took great pride in all that he endeavored. His loyalty to the fans was unsurpassed.. As his brother it is hard to express in words what he has meant to me during my life, the bond we had was unique and very special.
He leaves behind an enormous legacy that will live on forever.
Malcolm, job well done."

R.I.P. Malcolm Young


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