LAMB OF GOD: Würdigung einer besonderen Person!

Veröffentlicht am 10.01.2018 um 06:57 Uhr

Die US Metaller LAMB OF GOD würdigen in einem berührenden Post Dale Lee, seines Zeichens langjähriger Tourbusfahrer der Band und Freund.

Die Band schreibt:

Dale Lee was our bus driver. Our band, Lamb Of God, was among a list of many that were lucky enough to have had Dale transport us from city to city, and all across North America... back and forth and up and down. Dale wasn't just a name in our tour book, or the guy that serviced our generator. He was a part of our extended family....he was one of us.

We knew how he liked his coffee...we knew what to order him for dinner. The first time we worked with Dale was by assignment, and every time following that initial pairing was by request. Dale made us all feel safe. As a group, we trusted his judgement, and his ability, competence and professionalism were never in question. We certainly could, with a little bit of effort, determine the number of miles, hours and border crossings that Dale carried us through over the years. However, what can't be quantified are the late night hours spent sharing stories back and forth about our wives, families and children....and Dale's grandchildren.

The corny "dad jokes" and political debates....the landscapes, truck stops, state lines and sunrises that we all shared individually and collectively with our driver Dale. Best of all was when he'd have a short drive ahead of him, and he'd appear on the side of the stage to watch a few songs of our set...smiling proudly.... perhaps our most unlikely fan. Dale was one of us. We loved him....and we'll miss him dearly. 

Thanks to Dale's family for sharing him with us for so many years. 

Rest In Peace, Dale Lee. 

--Lamb Of God.

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