RIVERS OF NIHIL: präsentieren neuen Song!

Veröffentlicht am 08.02.2018 um 06:58 Uhr

RIVERS OF NIHIL streamen mit "The Silent Life" einen auf das am 16.03.2018 kommende Album "Where Owls Know My Name" neugierig machenden Song.

Die Band veröffentlichte auf Facebook folgendes Statement zu "Where Owls Know My Name":

On March 16th, we will release our third full-length, "Where Owls Know My Name", via Metal Blade Records. "Whereas The Conscious Seed of Light" (2013) and "Monarchy" (2015) were thematically centered around spring and summer, respectively, "Where Owls Know My Name" represents the fall.

Gitarrist​ Brody:
"This record is Rivers of Nihil being exactly who we want to be. Many bands get stuck in a comfortable routine of releasing the same album over and over again. Constantly relying on the same familiar formula may work for some bands, but it does not work for us. Music is art, and art is ever-changing. Without change, there is no progress. Without progress, the very fire that powers art and expression will die. This record is the sound of where we come from, where we are, and where we are going."

Bassist​ Adam Biggs:
"This time around, the lyrics feel a little more personal than on previous albums. The story picks up several millennia after the events of 'Monarchy', where one person still remains alive, chosen by the planet to be the sole intelligent witness of its ultimate fate. But 'Where Owls Know My Name' is less about overarching narrative than our previous albums. The scenario is just a backdrop for the more emotional material we tried to put forth this time around. Ultimately, this is an album about loss, getting older, and reaching a point where death becomes a much more present part of your life."


1. Cancer / Moonspeak
2. The Silent Life
3. A Home
4. Old Nothing
5. Subtle Change (Including the Forest of Transition
6. Terrestria III: Wither
7. Hollow
8. Death Is Real
9. Where Owls Know My Name
10. Capricorn / Agoratopia




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