KING COMPANY: kündigen neues Album an und posten Lyric Video

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 10.05.2018 um 14:53 Uhr

Die Hard Rock Band KING COMPANY kündigte das bevorstehende neue Album "Queen of Hearts" an, das am 10. August über Frontiers Music Srl veröffentlicht wird. Vorbestellen könnt ihr das Album hier. Ein Lyrikvideo zur neuen Single "One Day of Your Life" wurde hier online gestellt.

"I think the most relevant progression on this album is that this time pretty much all the songs were written after the first album came out," sagte Mirka. "On that record, you can hear a few very old songs, but the new material is really fresh and the new record will give the listener a much better picture of what kind of band we have become. Also, we have grown up a lot as a band, which means that we play better and are more relaxed together - and it of course affected the songs and feelings when we were recording the album."

Track List:

01.  Queen Of Hearts
02.  One Day Of Your Life
03.  Stars
04.  Living In A Hurricane
05.  Under The Spell
06.  Never Say Goodbye
07.  Learn To Fly
08.  Berlin
09.  King For Tonight
10.  Living The Dream
11.  Arrival
12.  Good Thing (Bonus Track, Digital)

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