NAZARETH: veröffentlichen neues Musikvideo "Tattooed On My Brain"!

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Veröffentlicht am 02.10.2018 um 04:09 Uhr

NAZARETHs Musikvideo zum Song "Tattooed On My Brain" ist unten zu sehen. Der Song ist der Titeltrack vom neuen Albums der Band, das am 12. Oktober über Frontiers Music Srl veröffentlicht wird.

"Tattooed On My Brain" ist NAZARETHs 24. Album und das erste, mit dem neuen Sänger Carl Sentance (ex-Persian Risk).

NAZARETH Bassist und Gründungsmitglied Pete Agnew sagt über das neue Album: "What I know and expect is that this record, because of our new lineup, will come under the highest scrutiny of any record in NAZARETH's history and after that, hopefully be judged as one of the best of NAZARETH's career.

"While there is always going to be hints of the classic NAZARETH sound on our albums, when you consider that all the musicians have been playing classic NAZARETH songs for most of their lives, what is fresh and inspired the new songs and new approach is the fact that we have a new singer: Carl Sentance.

"You can change band members and still keep pretty much on the same road, but there is nothing that changes a band's approach so definitively as the sound, style and performance of a new frontman. It also influences the way the other guys write songs, because mostly when you write a song for the band, you have in mind whether it will suit your singer's style and how he'll sound singing it. And, of course, with Carl, we have not only a new singer but a great new songwriter as well, so the whole project was always going to be fresher than a new laid egg, given all these ingredients we had to work with. Tastes fantastic, by the way."

"Tattooed On My Brain" Track List:

01. Never Dance With The Devil 
02. Tattooed On My Brain 
03. State Of Emergency 
04. Rubik's Romance 
05. Pole To Pole 
06. Push 
07. The Secret Is Out 
08. Don't Throw Your Love Away 
08. Crazy Molly 
09. Silent Symphony 
10. What Goes Around 
11. Change 
12. You Call Me

NAZARETH feiert 2018 sein 50-jähriges Jubiläum als Band.


Pete Agnew - Bass 
Carl Sentance - Vocals 
Jimmy Murrison - Guitar 
Lee Agnew - Drums

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