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Das britische melodische Hard Rock-Quartett FUGITIVE hat am 5. April 2019 die Veröffentlichung seines brandneuen Albums "The Awakening" über CAT Records angekündigt.

"The Awakening" wurde Ende 2018 in den AMP Studios in Wrexham, Wales aufgenommen. "The Awakening" wurde von Nino Errico und FUGITIVE produziert und kann hier Vorbestellt werden.

Frontman, Michael Angel, sagte zum Album, "With the arrival of David (bass) and Al (drums) it really did feel like a new beginning, like an "Awakening". Ranko and I have been playing and writing together for a long time and although we have had some success and incredible times, having David and Al join has given us fresh impetus, to believe in ourselves again.

Needless to say we are delighted with the album and the response so far has been tremendous. Our last single, All Fired Up, hit the Amazon Rock Chart Top 40 so you can imagine the smiles on us four old rockers. It helps roll back the years. When rock n roll is in your blood, age doesn’t enter into it."

Track List:

01. Serendipity
02. Light It Up
03. The Weekend
04. Slave To Love
05. All Fired Up
06. Two Hearts
07. Message (prelude)
08. Message
09. Race The Rain
10. Standing At The Edge
11. Moonshine
12. No Resurrection
13. Payback
14. Awæcnan




Michael Angel (Vocals/Guitar)
Ranko "Chip" Veltro (Lead Guitar)
David Steele (Bass/Vocals)
Al Catraz (Drums)


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