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Veröffentlicht am 14.02.2019 um 13:43 Uhr

Die Schweden FIND ME haben angekündigt, dass ihr drittes Album "Angels In Blue" am 22. Februar 2019 erscheinen wird.

Sänger Robbie LaBlanc sagte über das neue Album: "I really like our first album, but I like "Dark Angel" better than the first one. I have to say that I love our new one the best of all three so far. I hope everyone else agrees, haha. There are some really amazing songs on this record and Daniel stripped the production down a bit on this one, which I really like. I had a lot of fun on this album vocally and I think you’ll hear that in the tracks. They were a joy to sing and there wasn’t one key change on any demo that was presented. It was like the songs were written right for me to sing them. Really, really cool!"

Songwriter, Schlagzeuger und Produzent Daniel Flores fügt hinzu: "Like always, everything is built around Robbie's voice and range. Carefully structuring all arrangements around the melodies, crafting a powerhouse for every song. I think we have nailed down what that means for Find Me's melodic rock approach. Third time's the charm!"

Produzent Flores sagte, "As a producer I tend to fall in love with all songs on the records we do, but the songs 'Desperate Dreams' and 'No Tears In Paradise' are two favorites." With LaBlanc adding, that "'Waiting For A Lifetime' and 'Show Me What You’d Die For' are two that quickly stand out in my mind as favorites. 'No Tears in Paradise' as well. I love our cover of 'Desperate Dreams' by Survivor, I thought it came out really nice and hopefully a great tribute to Jimi Jamison."

FIND ME ist eine fortlaufende Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem schwedischen Musiker, Songwriter und Produzent Daniel Flores (Issa, The Murder of My Sweet) und dem Sänger Robbie LaBlanc von Blanc Faces. Die Partnerschaft wurde vom Frontiers-Präsidenten Serafino Perugino mit der Vision geschlossen, einen weiteren AOR-Giganten des Labels freizusetzen. Mission erfüllt! Das Debütalbum von FIND ME, "Wings of Love" und die Nachveröffentlichung "Dark Angel", wurden mit begeisterten Fans und kritischen Kritiken begrüßt, und die Fans baten um mehr Musik des Duos.

Keine Nachfrage hätte einfacher sein können, da Daniel und Robbie einfach gerne zusammenarbeiten. Das Ergebnis ihrer neuesten Zusammenarbeit ist "Angels In Blue". Wieder einmal ein entzückendes und massives melodisches Rockalbum voller mächtiger, hymnenartiger AOR-Songs mit Robbies hochfliegenden Lead-Vocals und fantastischen Auftritten von Daniel Flores und Gitarrist Philip Lindstrand. Klanglich liegt dieses Powerhouse-Album zwischen dem klassischen Sound von Journey und Giant und Newcomern wie W.E.T und Eclipse. Ein weiteres unumgängliches Album für die Melodic Rock / AOR-Fans von Frontiers.

"Robbie and I really hope you can hear the sweat and tears we have endured during the making of this record. Every finished record is a miracle in the making and this one in particular was hard to make. Thank God it all came through in the end. This is for you guys, the fans who make my work feel like a walk in the park everyday," sagte Flores.

"I’m really excited Find Me's third album is coming out. I hope the fans love it and I want to express my great respect to all the guys in the band: Phil, Michael, Daniel, Johnny, Rolf, Soren, and all the great writers like Alessandro Del Vecchio and Michael Palace. What a great bunch of musicians and talented, talented people. I am very lucky to be involved with such beautiful and talented people. God bless you all," fügte LaBlanc hinzu.

"Straight For Eternity"  Audio Clip:

Track List:

01. No Tears In Paradise
02. Chain Of Love
03. True Believer
04. Straight For Eternity
05. Can’t Let Go
06. One Last Kiss
07. Living A Lie
08. Angels In Blue
09. Show Me What You'd Die For
10. Waiting For A Lifetime
11. You Are The Only One
12. Desperate Dreams
13. Only The Lonely




Robert LaBlanc - Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals
Daniel Flores - Drums, Percussion and additional Keyboards
Sören Kronquist - Keyboards
Philip Lindstrand - Rhythm Guitars
Johnny Trobro - Bass
Michael Palace - Lead Guitars and Rhythm Guitars on “Can't Let Go” and “Only The Lonely”

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