GOOD TIGER: kündigen Remix EP an und posten ersten Song als Stream!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 08.03.2019 um 15:16 Uhr

Am 22. März wird die englische Band GOOD TIGER eine Remix EP mit dem Titel "Redux" veröffentlichen, um das einjährige Bestehen von "We Will All Be Gone" zu feiern. Die EP enthält Remixe von der Band sowie von einigen ihrer Freunde.

Gitarrist Dez Nagle sagte: "Track one was done by the band and set off the idea of doing the EP. Thankfully, we know a number of extremely talented musicians who could be involved on the EP. There are remixes by Periphery guitarist and electronic artist in his own right, Jake Bowen, L.A producer Ahh-Ceh, and NYC based post-rock electronic group, Infinity Shred. We felt a simplified acoustic arrangement of ‘Salt’ would be a great way to wrap everything up.

It was extremely fun revisiting these tracks and seeing how other artists we admire approach reimagining the original compositions we had made on "WWABG"."

"Redux" Track List:

1. Such a Kind Stranger (Redux)
2. Float On (Jake Bowen Remix)
3. Blueshift (Ahh-Ceh Remix)
4. Grip Shoes (Infinity Shred Remix)
5. Salt of the Earth (Acoustic)

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