UPON A BURNING BODY: posten Alice Coopers Cover Song!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 05.06.2019 um 20:28 Uhr
Die US Extreme Metaller UPON A BURNING BODY haben einen Cover Song zu Alice Coopers "Feed My Frankenstein" online gestellt. Ihre Interpretation des Alice Coopers Titels wurde wenige Tage vor der Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Albums "Southern Hostility" das am 07. Juni erscheint veröffentlicht. 
Gitarrist Ruben Alvarez sagte: "In a world filled with ultra-sensitive, politically correct keyboard worriers, there isn’t a better time for the original shock rocker, Alice Cooper, to come and shake things up. When we saw that he was hitting the road again, it was a no-brainer to pay tribute to the man himself. We were searching for a song that had that nostalgic feel and would be a great sing-along, especially for all the fans who probably remember Alice from ‘Wayne’s World‘.
We saw many parallels to UABB and Cooper in the way that he has so many different types of songs and messages. He’s able to have fun, but lay down the feels with a strong message. Cooper was also the very first concert that [UABB vocalist] Danny Leal ever went to! We are all huge fans and couldn’t have picked a better song to cover than this. It’s hype and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It also has two of the best guitarist of all time!
I think Alice would dig our take ’cause of the heavy element we added while staying true to the classic Cooper sound you definitely don’t want to mess with. Party on!"
Track List:
01. Southern Hostility
02. King of Diamonds 
03. All Pride No Pain
04. From Darkness
05. The Champ Is Coming
06. Burn
07. Reinventing Hatred
08. Never Alone
09. The Anthem Of The Doomed
10. Soul Searcher
11. Feed My Frankenstein
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