UNRULY CHILD: veröffentlichen Album Details und ein Lyric Video zum "Living In Someone Else's Dream" neuen Song!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 05.06.2019 um 22:06 Uhr

Am 9. August veröffentlicht die AOR Band UNRULY CHILD über Frontiers Records ihr neues Studioalbum "Big Blue World". Ein Lyric Video zum neuen Song "Living In Someone Else's Dream" wurde hier via YouTube online gestellt. 

"For this album, there was a conscious decision to merge the best of what Unruly Child does, while still evolving. You know, melodic rock, but with that unique Unruly Child approach," sagte Guy Allison. "It’s hard for us to stand still and repeat ourselves, but we also cannot help but sound like “us”, irrespective of any artistic lateral movement. While I’m sometimes surprised what catches the ears of our fans, I think that the album has something for everyone."

Track List:

01.    Living In Someone Else’s Dream
02.    All Over The World
03.    Dirty Little Girl
04.    Breaking The Chains
05.    Are These Words Enough
06.    Will We Give Up Today
07.    Beneath A Steady Rain
08.    The Harder They Will Fall
09.    Down And Dirty
10.    The Hard Way


Marcie Free - Vocals
Bruce Gowdy - Guitars, keyboards, vocals
Guy Allison - Keyboards, percussion, vocals
Larry Antonino - Bass, vocals
Jay Schellen - Drums

Quellenangabe: Frontiers Records
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