TORCHE: veröffentlichen ein Musikvideo zum Titel Song vom neuen Album "Admission"!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 02.07.2019 um 21:07 Uhr

Die Melodic Sludge Größen TORCHE veröffentlichen mit "Admission" ein neues Studioalbum. Laut Aussage der Band zeigt man sich mit diesem Album authentischer als jemals zuvor. Relapse Records veröffentlicht das neue Album "Admission" am 12. Juli. Nach dem neuen Song "Times Missing" wurde jetzt hier ein Musikvideo zum Titel Song "Admission" online gestellt.

""Admission" the title track off of our new album, is an extremely important song to us on many levels. Steve has opened the doors to a deep and personal place, lyrically shedding light on his personal life, and I worked hard and diligently to capture the feeling of a song I wrote during trying times," sagte Gitarrist Nuñez "Through the use of effects and various pedals, including a couple of my own line, Nuñez Amps, the feeling of the track took the shape it was destined for. The delays and heavy overdrive are essential to the song and we wanted a video to visually capture what the delays and driven sounds provided sonically. With 15 hours, a minimal setup, help from a couple good friends, and our cellphones, the band was able to create a video we are excited about and feel is the perfect visual companion to a song, and record, that has us excited in our sixteenth year as a band as we were when we first started."

""Times Missing" is a Jekyll and Hyde song about the nights you don't remember, but everyone else does," sagte Sänger und Gitarrist Steve Brooks.


Track List:

01. From Here
02. Submission
03. Slide
04. What Was
05. Times Missing
06. Admission
07. Reminder
08. Extremes of Consciousness
09. On The Wire
10. Infierno
11. Changes Come

Quellenangabe: Relapse Records
Fotocredits: Dan Almasy
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