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Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 07.08.2019 um 13:24 Uhr

World War Now Records hat bekannt gegeben, dass die britischen Extrem-Metaller THE BLEEDING ihr zweites Album "Morbid Prophecy", dem Nachfolger des von den Kritikern gefeierten Debütalbum "Rites of Absolution" (2018) veröffentlichen.

"Morbid Prophecy kommt voraussichtlich am 18. Oktober in den Handel. Das Cover Artwork und die Track List wurde jetzt bekannt geben.

Gitarrist Tasos sagte zum neuen Album: ""Morbid Prophecy" is an aural descent into hell that encapsulates the saga of the fall of man. The themes of desperation, destruction and death echo through the album in a cacophony of damnation. Man enters the abyss and surrenders to the scale of horror he witnesses. With a ravaged mind he returns to deliver pain and suffering to the unbelievers.

"Musically "Morbid Prophecy" has set new standards for us in speed, execution and brutality. The songwriting process has been long and relentless as we pushed ourselves to create a blistering album that builds on the ferocity of our previous release 'Rites of Absolution'. We feel that we have accomplished that as the recording has fully materialized our vision."


Track List:

01. Demonic Oath
02. Maelstrom
03. Entering The Pandemonium
04. Morbid Prophecy
05. Storm Of The Hellspawn
06. Sadistic Saviour
07. Repentance
08. Hammer Of Penance


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