THE WILDHEARTS: kündigen "Diagnosis" Mini Album an & posten Video!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 10.08.2019 um 16:06 Uhr

THE WILDHEARTS werden am 4. Oktober das Mini-Album "Diagnosis" bei Graphite Records veröffentlichen. Diese sechs-Track-Version enthält fünf brandneue Songs und wird in einer limitierten weißen Vinyl-Sonderedition mit hellblauem Puderspritzer (10 Zoll, um wie eine Pille auszusehen) sowie als normales schwarzes Vinyl (10 Zoll, 10 Zoll) und CD veröffentlicht. Zu allen drei physischen Formaten gehört auch ein exklusiver, maßgeschneiderter Inner Gatefold-Comic, der vom preisgekrönten Hunt Emerson illustriert wird, der zuletzt mit der Band an dem Cover "Earth Vs" und ihrem klassischen Logo gearbeitet hat.

Anlässlich der Ankündigung des neuen Longplayer "Diagnose" haben THE WILDHEARTS ein neues Video zum Song "Renaissance Men" veröffentlicht.

C.J Wildheart sagte: "Well, fuck me, we dropped our first new album in 10 years back in May and blow me down if we didn't drop a humdinger of an album full of monster riffs and razor-sweet melodies. Well, we've not only gone back in to the studio to record five new songs that will be released as the 'Diagnosis' mini-album in October, we're hitting the road too. We have some great supports confirmed already, THE PROFESSIONALS and JANUS STARK, and I know there are some other amazing bands to be added to the rest of the tour.

"You're going to love the new mini album and the surprises we have on there and the tour is going to be one you should not miss. You can't keep a good band down."

Ginger Wildheart fügte hinzu: "The lead track 'Diagnosis' is about mental health institutions and the medical health profession in this country, and about how it's letting people down. How the system is broken, and how the suicide rate is not getting any less.

"Depression and mental illness isn't an issue that attacks any one type of person. Whether you're homeless or if you're rich, this illness is taking people out on a regular basis. The government has pulled most of the funding into mental health research, and as a result people are still ignorant about it.

"Education is everything. And the more people talk about depression, the more need there'll be for education, and the more people will want educating about an issue that doesn't just affect the people suffering from it, but it affects everyone around them. And when someone is in a desperate position and their hope is taken away, then they're at the mercy of an illness that wants them dead. There's nothing more important in the world than education on mental health issues."


Track List:

01. Diagnosis 
02. God Damn 
03. A Song About Drinking 
04. The First Time 
05. That's My Girl 

Quellenangabe: Graphite Records
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