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Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 08.01.2020 um 05:45 Uhr
Die progressive Deathcore Band KROSIS aus North Carolina hat ihren neuen Track "Battles Are Won Within" uraufgeführt. Der Song kommt vom neuen Album mit dem Titel "A Memoir Of Free Will" der Band, das am 7. Februar bei Unique Leader Records erscheinen wird.
Sänger Mac Smith sagte: ""Battles Are Won Within" is our modernized tribute to pioneers of '90s death metal and innovators of the slam subgenre, including bands such as Suffocation, Internal Bleeding, and Devourment. We wanted to write an extremely heavy jam that is musically abnormal for us while still maintaining our stylization as a group, and we feel that this track turned out to be exactly that. We wanted this song to be as intense as possible and to overwhelm the listener with different dynamics of heaviness, as well as to try out our hand at complimenting classic styles of brutal death metal with a modern twist. Aggression, groove, riffs, slams, punishing vocals, you name it: This track has it all. As a death metal enthusiast, this one comes from a special place in my heart, and I hope everyone enjoys this track as much as I do! SLAM!"
Track List:
01. Gone, But Not Forgotten 6:30
02. Insanity: a Moniker of Me 3:43
03. To Persist or Adhere 4:18
04. An Elegy for a Man Alive 4:53
05. Psychoticlysm 3:53
06. An Intramural Madness 4:15
07. Questions of Holistic Divine (feat. Hugo Doyon-Karout) 4:31
08. With Virtue, I Am Free 3:26
09. Battles Are Won Within 3:56
10. A Memoir of Free Will 10:48
Quellenangabe: Unique Leader Records
Fotocredits: Unique Leader Records