VISION OF CHOICE: enthüllen Album Details und neue Single + Video!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 09.01.2020 um 08:33 Uhr

Das deutsche Metal Projekt VISION OF CHOICE hat ein neues Lyric Video zur Single "New Horizon" veröffentlicht, die Single kommt vom neuen Album "Mistress of the Gods" das am 14. Februar über ZOUNDR / Fencesound veröffentlicht wird.

Steve Brockmann sagte: "I am very grateful that the album and this song turned out so well, much better then in my initial vision, because of the fantastic work of Lukas, George and Ponch. So many things came to pass during the production, family, health, and on top, I had to leave my old studio and build a new one, in the midst of the mix. the mixes in the new studio sounded different, better, so I had to re-do the songs that I thought were finished… so I sometimes really wished there would be a new horizon. I think it is the perfect song to open the album and to be the first single."

Track List:

01. New Horizon
02. Come Tomorrow
03. Shine
04. Into The Light
05. Endlessly
06. Hold Your Head High
07. Mistress Of The Gods
08. Givin’ It Up
09. Gates Of Evermore
10. Hold On
11. Touch The Sky

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