...AND OCEANS: haben die Details zu ihrem kommenden Album "Cosmic World Mother" enthüllt!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 11.01.2020 um 06:09 Uhr

Symphonische Black Metal Formation ...AND OCEANS haben die Details zu ihrem kommenden Album "Cosmic World Mother" enthüllt. Der neue Longplayer wird am 8. Mai über Season of Mist veröffentlicht.

Gitarrist Timo sagte: "The new era of ...AND OCEANS has been a long time coming. We've already had a taste of how it would be: the band played a few selected gigs and festivals last year and it was great to see old and new fans welcoming ....AND OCEANS back with open arms. It feels like the right time to come back with this new album. 'Cosmic World Mother' is ready, the release date is set, shows are booked and we have a strong, new line-up. Let's celebrate the new skin!"

Track List:

01. The Dissolution of Mind and Matter (04:09)
02. Vigilance and Atrophy (04:38)
03. Five of Swords (05:02)
04. As the After Becomes the Before (05:13)
05. Cosmic World Mother (04:37)
06. Helminthiasis (04:26)
07. Oscillator Epitaph (03:54)
08. In Abhorrence Upon Meadows (02:29)
09. Apokatastasis (04:21)
10. One of Light, One of Soil (03:17)
11. The Flickering Lights (05:24)

Quellenangabe: Season of Mist
Fotocredits: Mikael Karlbom