OPEROSE: enthüllen Album Details und ein neues Musikvideo!

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Veröffentlicht am 13.01.2020 um 06:32 Uhr

OPEROSE ist eine symphonische Progressive Metal Band aus Großbritannien mit der Stimme der aufstrebenden Opernsensation Jennifer Coleman. Ihr neues Album mit dem Titel "Oceans Of Starlight" wird am 7. Februar über Lion Music veröffentlicht. Ein Musikvideo zum neuen Song "Oceans Of Starlight" wurde hier online gestellt.

Die Band sagte: "We really took the feedback from the first album on board and as such Oceans Of Starlight is a lot more commercial and in line with what is expected in the symphonic metal genre.  The debut possibly tried too hard to be different and it was therefore important to transform what was a classical/metal cross over concept into a fully-fledged symphonic outfit.  Experienced musicians were added to the line-up and production team and a lot of work went into writing new tracks.  The end product is heavier with a lot more symphonic elements and variety.  The whole album tells a story from start to finish and work also went into making sure there was space for the listener to take a breather rather than being bombarded with heavy track after heavy track."

"One thing that did work well in the debut was the concept story, paying tribute to the opera theme of the band.  We therefore wanted to involve the fans and held a vote for them to decide what the lyrical concept should be for our new album.  It was a landslide victory for Cleopatra.  We then based the whole album on this and focused on the Battle of Actium and subsequent demise of Cleopatra."  

"Oceans Of Starlight" Musik Video:


Track List:

01. Battle Swan
02. Oceans Of Starlight
03. Lost Horizon
04. This Life Of Mine
05. Nothing Left
06. On Sleeping Tides
07. Octavian
08. The Actium Suite

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