BENIGHTED: veröffentlichen das erste Lyric Video vom kommenden Album "Obscene Repressed"!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 17.01.2020 um 00:52 Uhr

Die französische Metal Extrem Band BENIGHTED enthüllt Ende Dezember 2019 das Cover Artwork und die Titel List ihres lang erwarteten neuen Albums mit dem Titel "Obscene Repressed". Gestern wurde ein Lyric Video zum neuen Song "Brutus" auf YouTube online gestellt.

Das neue Death Grind Album wird am 10. April 2020 über Season of Mist veröffentlicht. 

Sänger Julien Truchan sagte: "We are so happy and proud to show you the official cover of our new album 'Obscene Repressed' created by the amazing Grindesign! It's an insane piece of art, representing the beautiful oedipal love story you will discover within this album...."

"Brutus" Lyric Video:

Die Band sagte: "Here we go, my friends, we are proud to unleash our 1st new track; 'Brutus'! It's a song writen in french about the pure hate from the album's main charakter Michael, and his story against his father and the sexual disgusting things he does to his mother... Enjoy and spread it like a plague!!!"

Das Cover und die Track List könnt ihr hier sehen:


01. Obscene Repressed (2:26)
02. Nails (3:21)
03. Brutus (2:49)
04. The Starving Beast (3:07)
05. Smoke Through The Skull (2:59)
06. Implore The Negative (4:05)
07. Muzzle(2:43)
08. Casual Piece Of Meat (4:04)
09. Scarecrow (2:57)
10. Mom, I Love You The Wrong Way (3:56)
11. Undivided Dismemberment (2:28)
12. Bound To Facial Plague (3:29)

Bonus Tracks:

13. The Rope (3:04)
14. Get This (1:57) (Slipknot Cover)

Total playing time: 43:25


Tour Dates:

BENIGHTED Hellfest Warm-up Tour

14 Apr 20 Saint-Brieux (FR) Bonjour Minuit
15 Apr 20 Rennes (FR) Etage
16 Apr 20 Brest (FR) Carene
17 Apr 20 Le Havre (FR) Tetris
18 Apr 20 Terville (FR) 112
19 Apr 20 Lens (FR) Musée Du Louvre
20 Apr 20 Montbéliard (FR) Axone
21 Apr 20 Lyon (FR) Ninkasi Kao
22 Apr 20 Genève (CH) Usine
23 Apr 20 Clermont-Ferrand (FR) Coopérative de Mai
24 Apr 20 Souterraine (FR) C.C. Yves Furet
25 Apr 20 Angoulême (FR) Nefz (+Rise Of The North Star)
26 Apr 20 Paris (FR) Olympia (+Rise Of The North Star)
27 Apr 20 Tours (FR) Temps Machine
28 Apr 20 Bordeaux (FR) Krakotoa
29 Apr 20 Angers (FR) Chabada
30 Apr 20 Nantes (FR) Warehouse (+Rise Of The North Star)

BENIGHTED Hellfest Warm-up Tour Japan:

16 May 20 Osaka (JP) Am Hall
17 May 20 Tokyo (JP) Tsutaya O East


18 Jan 20 Zurich (CH) Meh Suff Festival 2020
10 Apr 20 Oslo (NO) Inferno Festival 2020
07 Jul 20 Dunau Jvaros (HU) Rock Maraton
11 Jul 20 Malmö (SE) Goro Fest. Plan B
25 Jul 20 Steenwijk (NL) Stonehenge Festival 2020
07 Aug 20 Jaromer (CZ) Brutal Assault 2020
14 Aug 20 Dinkelsbühl (DE) Summer Breeze 2020
15 Aug 20 Saint-Nolff (FR) Motocultor 2020
21 Aug 20 Andernach (DE) Deathfeast Open Air 2020
22 Aug 20 Spital am Semmering (AT) Kaltenbach Open Air 2020

Quellenangabe: Season of Mist
Fotocredits: Anthony Dubois
Weitere Infos: BENIGHTED

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