NECROWRETCH: stellen ihr neues Album "The Ones From Hell" komplett als Stream online, enthüllen Tour Dates inkl. Wien Konzert!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 13.02.2020 um 20:48 Uhr

Die Französischen Blackened Death Metaller NECROWRETCH werden ihr neues Album "The Ones From Hell" am 14. Februar 2020 veröffentlichen. Die Band hat das Cover Artwork und die Tracklist veröffentlicht, die unten zu sehen sind. Heute hat das Label das neue Album hier komplett als Stream online gestellt.

Die Band sagte: "The time has come to unleash our new creature to the face of the earth... Behold to The Ones From Hell! Come thee, Come forth, embrace the Beast and  join us... in Pure Hellfire!"

"The Ones From Hell" Full Album Stream:

Der neue Song "Codex Obscuritas" wurde hier als Stream geteilt.

"Codex Obscuritas" Audio Stream:

Im Zusammenhang mit der Album Ankündigung hat die Band nach der ersten Single "Luciferian Sovranty" ein Lyric Video zum Song "The Ones From Hell" online gestellt

Die Band sagte: "I am of flames and of flames I'm not...With this satanic incantation from another time we invite you to enter to the realm of The Ones From Hell. As the title track is meant to be the keystone of an album, 'The Ones From Hell' stands here as the highest pillar of our gateway to the abyss. Surrender now to these messengers and recite their psalms with dedication."

"The Ones From Hell" Lyric Video:

Die Band sagte: "Today, it's with pleasure that we spew our new creature onto the face of the earth. ‘The Ones From Hell' is a brand new chapter in the history of Necrowretch. Beyond rules and boundaries, we have reached a new level of musical expression dedicated to the Devil and His many names. This unholy spawn will consist of eight new songs, which perfectly serve our impious fascination for Hell. Yet again this monster will be unleashed by the mighty Season of Mist. Down below the gates are opening for the 'Luciferian Sovranty'... Hail Satan!"

"Luciferian Sovranty": Audio Stream:




Track List:

01. Pure Hellfire
02. Luciferian Sovranty
03. The Ones From Hell
04. Absolute Evil
05. Codex Obscuritas
06. Darkness Supreme
07. Through The Black Abyss
08. Necrowretch




Tour Dates:

+Taake +Kampfar (co-headline)

19/03/20    Kwadrat    Krakow (PL)
20/03/20    Nova Chmelnice    Prague (CZ)
21/03/20    Hellraiser    Leipzig (DE)
22/03/20    Viper Room    Vienna (AT)

23/03/20    Dürer Kert    Budapest (HU)
24/03/20    Orto Bar    Ljubljana (SI)
25/03/20    Legend    Milano (IT)
26/03/20    Alchemica Music Club    Bologna (IT)
27/03/20    Hall of Fame    Zürich (CH)
28/03/20    Gebr de Nobel    Leiden (NL)
29/03/20    L’Entrepot    Arlon (BE)
30/03/20    Backstage    Paris (FR)
31/03/20    Zappa    Antwerpen (BE)
01/04/20    Live Music Hall    Mörlenbach (DE)
02/04/20    Willemeen    Arnhem (NL)
03/04/20    Resonanzwerk    Oberhausen (DE)
04/04/20    Zwischenbau    Rostock (DE)

05/04/20    Pralnia    Wroclaw (PL)

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