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Veröffentlicht am 22.02.2020 um 09:13 Uhr

Das offizielle Musikvideo zum neuen BON JOVI Song mit dem Titel "Limitless" wurde jetzt hier geteilt. Der Song kommt vom neuen Album "Bon Jovi 2020", das am 15. Mai veröffentlicht wird. Der neue Longplayer wird als CD, Gold-Vinyl und als digitaler Download veröffentlicht.

""Bon Jovi 2020" makes a wry reference to an election year with the title, and album art featuring an American flag in the reflection of a pensive Jon Bon Jovi's sunglasses. The first single "Limitless" is an upbeat anthem encouraging optimism in an uncertain world. The May album release will feature a compelling breadth and depth of songwriting from Jon Bon Jovi where he tackles current tough topics such as gun control, veterans' issues, politics, the meaning of family, and much more. It encompasses life, love, and loss." 

"The meaning behind it — there's the obvious. It's an election year, and I couldn't do any worse. And I also have clear vision. 'This House Is Not For Sale' dealt with a lot of personal matters, and now it's behind us. So, '2020' — of course, it's an election year, but more importantly, it's that I have clear vision going forward." sagte Jon.

"Limitless" Musikvideo:

Track List:

01. Beautiful Drug
02. Unbroken
03. Limitless
04. Luv Can
05. Brothers In Arms
06. Story Of Love
07. Lower The Flag
08. Let It Rain
09. Shine
10. Blood In The Water

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