Neuer Keyboarder on Board

ENSIFERUM: stellen ihren neuen Keyboarder vor!

Veröffentlicht am 08.03.2020 um 10:34 Uhr

ENSIFERUM stellen ihr neues Band Mitglied Pekka Montin vor, der ab sofort ganz das Keyboard und die Clean Vocals bei den Finnen übernimmt. Die Band hat folgende Meldung veröffentlicht.

ENSIFERUM comments:

“We received enormous amount of applications for the clean vocalist/keyboard player position. We took our time to carefully read and check the links of each application and we were blown away by the skill level of people who showed their interest towards our band. One more time, big thank you for everyone who sent an application! Keep doing your thing and the whole world will be on their knees!

There was one application that especially caught our eye: Mister Pekka Montin. This guy has incredible vocal range, great skills and good taste concerning keyboards, music theory and music genres in general - plus he has experience playing hundreds of gigs and familiarity in a studio environment with his old bands. Of course, logistically it’s nice that he is a Finn, but this point was never on the criteria list of the future member.

We invited him to jam and talk with us because a band is much more than just random people playing together, it’s a family. And even though everyone has their own personalities and views to the world, there still needs to be that bond of unity, shared vision and passion for the band’s music and unconditional commitment to it. Every member has to do it with their whole heart or things simply won’t work. Love for music is the main thing in Pekka’s life so it didn’t take that long before we were convinced that we had found the guy we were looking for.

Besides his musical talents he is a very calm and professional gentleman who has already proven himself in the rehearsal room with the old songs, writing the new album with us and most of all in the studio sessions of the new album.

We are extremely eager to get back on the road to play old and new material with a real keyboard player (instead of backing tracks that we had to use for a while), who also raises our vocals to a totally new dimension.

So please give a warm welcome to our new member Pekka!”

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