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Veröffentlicht am 03.04.2020 um 10:00 Uhr

Am 27. März haben IGORRR ihren neuen Longplayer "Spirituality And Distortion" via Metal Blade Records veröffentlicht, lest hier unser Review dazu.

IGORRR verbinden unterschiedliche Musikstile von Death und Black Metal über Breakcore, Balkan, Barock und Klassik auf eine ebenso unkonventionelle und unberechenbare wie aufregende Art und Weise.

Mastermind Gautier Serre kommentiert:

"Getting stuck in only one emotion is very boring to me; life is a wide range of emotions - sometimes you're happy, sometimes you're sad, angry, pissed off, nostalgic or blown away. Life is not only one color. These 14 tracks are a journey through different states of mind I've been through.

The organization part has been more complicated as we had to fly traditional instrumentalists to our studio, so, lots of planes, trains and cars were involved to make it happen, but all the acoustic instruments have been recorded traditionally, with no help of the computer.

We had the honor to welcome my personal favorite musical hero on this album: George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher of CANNIBAL CORPSE. He screams on the track "Parpaing", and his legendary voice brings the heaviness this track deserved. George is like the final boss of death metal. Like on a video game you have the final boss who is the strongest, George is the best in death metal singing. Due to the extreme heaviness and violence of his voice, I found it very much coherent to contrast it with a cheap tune of 8bit music which is the least heavy music on earth. The contrast is beautiful to my ears.

As with the previous albums, I'm entirely focused on the sound itself and how the sonorities of the voice speaks to the heart, not the intellectual meaning of the words."


01. Downgrade Desert
02. Nervous Waltz
03. Very Noise
04. Hollow Tree
05. Camel Dancefloor
06. Parpaing
07. Musette Maximum
08. Himalaya Massive Ritual
09. Lost in Introspection
10. Overweight Poesy
11. Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano
12. Barocco Satani
13. Polyphonic Rust
14. Kung-Fu Chèvre


Einen guten Eindruck auf das Album bietet euch das brandneue Video zu "Downgrade Desert", welches von Fabian Lüscher und Dynamic Frame GmbH produziert wurde. Gautier Serre meint dazu:

"I'm happy and proud to finally be able to share with you that piece of music which is '"pirituality and Distortion", that has been in the making for a way more time than you may think. I hope you'll receive this album as the soundtrack of the apocalypse, as it seems to be it. We shared 3 tracks of the album already; first one was "Very Noise", then "Parpaing", and two weeks ago, we shared "Camel Dancefloor". Please, keep in mind that those were only parts of a whole piece, and I created this album having in mind the whole piece of music. If you want to have a real opinion on the album, please listen to the whole album - it was built to be listened this way."

"Very Noise"


"Camel Dancefloor" Audio Stream:

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