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Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 16.06.2020 um 05:33 Uhr

Das Download Festival 2020 sollte diesen Monat auf das heilige Gelände des Donington Park zurückkehren, bis die Organisatoren bekannt gaben, dass das Festival aufgrund der COVID-19-Pandemie dieses Jahr nicht mehr stattfinden würde.

In einer Nachricht heißt es: "We might not be able to gather at the hallowed grounds of Donington this June, but we’ll be rocking out in our living rooms, bedrooms and back gardens with the likes of KISS, Iron Maiden, System Of A Down and loads more! Pitch your tents, roll out your sleeping bags, and get ready for a weekend of music, special interviews, unseen performances, and exclusive footage, all broadcast live to your home from June 12 - 14." 

 01. The Clairvoyant (Monsters of Rock, Donington 1988) – Not included here due to copyright issues
 02. The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg (Download Festival 2007)
 03. Aces High (Mexico 2019 – Some images of Rock in Rio 2019)
 04. Phantom of The Opera (Download Festival 2013)
 05. The Trooper (Download Festival 2013)
 06. Children of The Damned (Download Festival 2016)
 07. Iron Maiden (Download Festival 2007)
 08. Fear of The Dark (Download Festival 2013)
 09. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Download Festival 2007)
 10. Blood Brothers (Download Festival 2016) 

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