VREID: veröffentlichen ihr komplettes Konzert "In the Mountains of Sognametal" auf YouTube!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 29.10.2020 um 14:04 Uhr
Die norwegischen Black'n'Roll Veteranen VREID haben ihr gesamtes Konzert "n the Mountains of Sognametal" über Youtube veröffentlicht.
Einige Monate nach der Pandemie zeigte die Band eine einzigartige Show. Vor der atemberaubenden Kulisse ihrer Bergfarm in Sogndal (Norwegen) und inmitten unberührter Winterlandschaften spielte VREID ein klassisches Set aus ihrer gesamten Sognametal-Geschichte. Dazu gehörten Songs, die noch nie live gespielt wurden, und sogar ein paar WINDIR-Tracks. Valfars Bruder Vegard und der ehemalige MISTUR-Sänger Odne waren während des Konzerts zu Gast.
Seht euch hier das Konzert "In the Mountains of Sognametal" an:
Bassist Jarle Hváll Kvåle sagre: "It was such a unique experience. It was a moment where we embraced our entire legacy, and I am so proud of how it came together. It was organized with a true Sognametal spirit, in a strong DIY manner with help from our closest friends and family. The response to the stream was overwhelming and we hope that when this pandemic is over, we can invite the audience to watch a special concert in the same surroundings. That would be mind blowing.
Launching the entire concert is also a kickstart to what is going to be the most intense and creative year in our lives. We are progressing with our new album and what an album it will be. Lets just say that we have been possessed with the working on this record and can’t wait to release it in 2021. In conjunction with the album, we are also doing something completely new, a project that will give the music a new dimension.
Furthermore, in a few weeks  we have absolutely wild news for all of you that enjoy the Sognametal legacy. But first, we have opened the gates to our beloved mountain farm and made the “Into the Mountain’s of Sognametal” concert available for all of you. Enjoy the show, spread it wherever you can and keep following us for some intense months to come. The march continues!"
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