INGLORIOUS: veröffentlichen das erste Musikvideo vom neuen Album "We Will Ride"!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 20.11.2020 um 11:00 Uhr
Die britischen Hardrocker INGLORIOUS haben die Veröffentlichung ihres vierten Studioalbums "We Will Ride" angekündigt. INGLORIOUS werden am 12. Februar 2021 ihr neues Album "We Will Ride" via Frontiers Music Srl veröffentlichen. 
Vorbestellungen sind ab sofort in den Frontiers EU- und US-Webstores sowie im Webstore der Band erhältlich, einschließlich farbigem Vinyl in limitierter Auflage. 
"The writing for this album was honestly the most pleasurable and relaxed experience I have had as a writer," sagte Sänger Nathan James. "We had so much fun and made sure not to force the songs that weren’t working. One of my favourite songs, "She Won’t Let You Go" was actually written by Danny and myself before he was even in the band."
"I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to write about on this album due to Covid-19 pushing the recording back twice. I chose to write about things that have inspired me in the last two years. Like everyone right now, I am consuming much more TV than usual, in the form of dark and sinister Netflix documentaries mostly. These have definitely inspired the stories this time around. As far as the sound of the album and the recording process, it was very different than anything this band has done before. Recording with this line up for the first time and also it was our first time ever working with a producer. Romesh Dodangoda has really made this album sound unlike anything we have created before and the new guys have brought influences to our music that I’m super excited to show everyone,"
Die erste Single "She Won't Let You Go" + Video wurde heute hier online gestellt!
Track List:
01.    She Won't Let You Go
02.    Messiah
03.    Medusa
04.    Eye Of The Storm
05.    Cruel Intentions
06.    My Misery
07.    Do You Like It
08.    He Will Provide
09.    We Will Meet Again
10.    God Of War
11.    We Will Ride
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