SIMULACRUM - signen bei CEA

Veröffentlicht am 20.02.2021 um 18:53 Uhr

SIMULACRUM haben mit CEA einen Managementvertrag geschlossen. Finnlands führende Progressive Metal Band kommentierte diesen Schritt: 

 "Shout out to our new CO-MANAGER Eric Cerda from CEA, who has been mentoring us how the big world works within the music industry and has already been getting us some great possibilities! Let's see will any of them realize in this covid riddled world, but nonetheless we are very happy to be working with Eric in taking this band to the next level!"

Und Eric Cerda von CEA legte nach: "We are very proud to add Simulacrum to our artist management roster. They are a very talented and motivated band who are ready to leave their mark on the progressive metal genre. We look forward to working towards achieving much success together."

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