INSECT ARK - Mini-Dokumentation zu "The Vanishing"!

Veröffentlicht am 21.03.2021 um 08:01 Uhr

Das psychedelische Doom-Duo INSECT ARK mit Gründerin Dana Schechter und Andy Patterson enthüllte kürzlich eine fesselnde Mini-Dokumentation zum einjährigen Jubiläum ihres atemberaubenden Abendfilms "The Vanishing".

Elaborates Schechter, “I made this eight-minute DIY mini-doc film to mark the one-year birthdate of The Vanishing. This film briefly follows that story: Making the album, touring it, and all the steps in between...a lot of work. Blood and tears. Sleep was lost. Hands got dirty. After just a few days on the road, COVID came knocking and the whole thing fell to pieces. At the time, along with the rest of the world, we couldn’t know how significantly changed our lives were about to become. It’s been intense to recount those days and weeks. The past year, time has become very abstract. Sometimes it flies by; other times like it’s made of glue.
“At its heart,” she continues, “The Vanishing is about impermanence. It is a deeply personal album in ways I can’t -- and so, don’t try to -- describe with words. I decided to make this short film to recount a story that is deeply rooted in the primal need to make art, and to communicate through it - no matter the personal cost or difficulty involved. I am not normally a filmmaker, but it somehow has brought me some peace to tell the story. We hope it brings you a bit of light, just as many of us are remembering March 2020, with bewilderment, as we transitioned to our new world order…exactly one year ago.”

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