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Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 05.06.2021 um 06:55 Uhr
Frontiers Music Srl freut sich, die Unterzeichnung eines Multi Album Deals mit BIG CITY, einer Melodic Metal Band aus Norwegen, bekannt zu geben. Fans von Bands wie Firewind, Queensryche, Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall, Europe, Fair Warning und dergleichen dürfen sich auf diese spannende Band freuen. 
"The new album will introduce our new singer. He's done an incredible job and there's more punch and heaviness in his voice. The songs are still varied, from super chill ballad to heavy and light-progressive tunes. Melodies are still in focus and there's plenty of that, as expected. It's simply the best Big City album so far!" sagte Gitarrist Daniel Olaisen.  
Das neue Album der Band, "Testify X", erscheint am 16. Juli.
"Dark Rider" Lyric Video:
Zur ersten Single "Testify" sagte Gitarrist Daniel Olaisen: "is about confessing to things to get weight off of your conscience in order to have a better life...or keep them a secret and live a lie. This is the very first song I/we wrote for the album and it has it all. Melodic and acoustic intro, a real catchy hook line on the guitar, great vocal lines and a modulation at the end!"  
"We have pretty different influences in the band. From jazz/fusion to extreme metal. The foundation however is our passion for melodic and nostalgic 80's metal/hard rock!"
Track List: 
01.  The Rush
02.  Dark Rider
03.  Testify
04.  I Will Fall
05.  Running Away
06.  Conception
07.  Winds Of The Road
08.  Heart's Like A Lion
09.  Graveyard Love
10. How Dark Does It Get 
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