ETERNAL SILENCE: enthüllen Album Details und ein neues Video!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 11.06.2021 um 06:35 Uhr
Die italienischen Symphonic Metaller ETERNAL SILENCE veröffentlichen ihr neues Album "Timegate Anathema" am 8. Oktober über Rockhots Records. Jetzt enthüllte die Band die erste Single "Ancient Spirit", einen harten Track, der neue Einflüsse und Sounds vereint.
Die Band sagte: "Born out of the mind of guitarist Enzo Criscuolo, this song is heavy in contents and atmosphere along with feeling spiritual with lyrics written by our bassist Alessio Sessa. The lake in the pantheistic form that assumes in the song, reveals its mystery and charm as if it was a sleeping God. Beneath the layer of forgetfulness where it lays, hidden like a gem and silent, is an ideal companion, present in every day of our lives and keeps secrets and deep thrusts in its depths, where few dare to look."
Track List:
01. The Way Of Time
02. Edge Of The Dream
03. Ancient Spirit
04. Heart Of Lead
05. Lonely
06. Glide In The Air
07. Rain
08. My Soul Sad Until Death
09. Firefly
10. Red Death Masquerade
Quellenangabe: Rockshots Records
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