GRINDING FEAR - Debütalbum "Distorted Dreams"

Veröffentlicht am 21.08.2021 um 08:54 Uhr

4 Jahre und unzählige Gigs später ist das Helsinki-Crossover GRINDING FEAR stolz darauf, den Nachfolger ihres 2018er-Demos "Reaper's Disease" zu präsentieren.

Am 12. August 2021 veröffentlichte die Band mit "Distorted Dreams" ihr Debüt-Studioalbum digital auf allen wichtigen Streaming-Plattformen.

"This album has been a DIY effort of the whole band, and we're really pleased about how we managed to capture the fierce energy of the songs. The songs depict the Hard Knocks of life that everyone suffers from time to time, and the message of the lyrics is perfectly combined with the raw energy captured in the production. Also, the cover art by the great Raul Gonzalez sealed the deal and really captured the essence of what we were going for with our debut album. The album features a bunch of crushing new songs, combined with a couple of new versions of older gems, found on our previous releases!" - kommentierte die Band

Juho Savolainen - Vocals
Aleksi Mattila - Guitar
Oskar Bruun - Guitar
Eero Savolainen - Drums

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