CALL THE MOTHERSHIP: Neue Single "Allies"

Veröffentlicht am 29.08.2021 um 19:21 Uhr

CALL THE MOTHERSHIP tun's mit ihren Buddies KILL THE LYCAN und WE BLAME THE EMPIRE und releasen einen neuen Song sowie ein animiertes Video zu "Allies"!



"This track was created and established over the last year in isolation, quarantine and under the siege of a threat, not visible to us but very real and dangerous, not only threatening our life but dividing us all.
We decided to show solidarity and that creativity still brings us together and that there is a community out there, waiting to be brought together, to create, to overcome, to heal, and to rise and rise again until the threat is no more and we shall be free once again. This cannot be achieved alone, but only with the help of others …"


… and our allies are:

Stefan „Stevo“ Eberl – KILL THE LYCAN (Co-writing, recording, clean vocals, ambience, orchestra, creative juices, fleet command)

Sebastian “Borsti” Penninger – WE BLAME THE EMPIRE (Screams, shouts growls, additional lyrics, cooking & sustenance, teleportation & deepstrike)

Norbert Leitner – NORBERT LEITNER STUDIOS (edit, mix, master, positive attitude, long range support)

Julius Kössler – SPIRE OF LAZARUS (visual art and content, cover, social media graphics, animations, FTL navigation)

Quellenangabe: Call The Mothership