SLAVES OF KALI - Debutalbum "Uncharted Trails" 22.10.21

Veröffentlicht am 05.10.2021 um 13:48 Uhr

Die deutsche Modern Metal/Metalcore-Band SLAVES OF KALI bereitet die Veröffentlichung ihres Debütalbums "Uncharted Trails" am 22. Oktober vor. 

Die Band über das Album
"The album marks an important moment in our band history. Although there is already recorded an ep („Dawn"), the songs that can be heard on it all come from a phase of the band in which we had not yet found ourselves in our current formation and our musical direction. Each of the songs on "Uncharted Trails" was created with influences from every member of the band. This is what you get today when you ask for "Slaves of Kali".

1) Shelters Will Burn
2) Leaders and Scapegoats
3) Sneak Before you run
4) Tripping in Trenches
5) Expectations
6) Time to Disgust
7) Beach
8) Tides
9) Clocks and Pills
10) Electric Slavery
11) Ascend

Konrad Meyenberg - Vocals
Pascal Schmitt - Drums
Randolf Ehret - Bass
Marvin Gorecki - Guitars
Adrian Stanciu - Guitars

Quellenangabe: Black Roos
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