PARADISE NOW - Neues Video online "I Hope It Never Ends"

Veröffentlicht am 11.10.2021 um 10:00 Uhr

Die britische Alt-Rock-Act PARADISE NOW haben ein neues Video zu "I Hope It Never Ends" enthüllt, das von ihrem Debütalbum "We Never Die" stammt, das jetzt über Tooth & Nail Records veröffentlicht wurde.

Frontman Sam Taylor sagte zu diesem Lied: "We wanted to show the refining process within a trial. The hardness of life making you stronger as you battle through struggles. We can find joy in torment, if we allow the process to make us better. The journey is just beginning and though it is hard... I hope it never ends".

"We Never Die" Tracklist:
"Bring Me His Head"
"Haunt Myself"
"Heaven Close"
"I Hope It Never Ends"
"Criminal" (feat. SU)
"Losing Myself"
"Monsters" (feat. Ryan Kirby)
"Young Guns"
"We Never Die"


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