VANDERLINDE - neues Album "Muy Rico" 28.01.22

Veröffentlicht am 26.11.2021 um 15:00 Uhr

VANDERLINDE nimmt dich mit auf eine musik-stilistische Reise von den 80ern (z.B.: CROWDED HOUSE), den 70ern (CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG), zurück bis in die "THE BEATLES 60er", um dich dann wieder in die Gegenwart von John Mayor oder Jason Mraz zu bringen. Alles unverwechselbar: VANDERLINDE. 

Arjan Van der Linde kommentiert: "This record was created in a very strange and restless moment of the times we live in. The world has all but burned down and stumbled spinning. But out of the ashes, rebooted riches of the mind have been creating uplifting new ways for survival. As usual, art will be at the forefront of a new dawn. This is my version. Art does not have to be explained, but I will give you some insight into what inspired me to write these songs. Some of them out of frustration, others out of despair, but most above all, out of love. ‘Muy Rico’ Very Rich. The title of this album has been given to us by the children of the orphanage in Ecuador that Erwin’s and my family have tucked in our hearts. Those kids have nothing, even lost their parents. But they are still happy and grateful for every handout they receive from strangers. When we buy them some pizza, you hear them whisper ‘muy rico’. It also means ‘delicious’. If children feel rich just because you feed them, you discover the essence of life’s priorities. Children are teachers. To the almost 80 kids at the orphanage, this album is also dedicated to you."

Arjan van der Linde: Bass, Acoustic guitars, Lead vocals
Wietze Koning: Electric Guitar
Christof Bauwens: Resonator, Lap Steel, Vocals
Bart Schwertmann: Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Fokke de Jong: Drums, Vocals

Quellenangabe: CMM
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