TEXAS IN JULY Europa Tourblog

Text: Reini
Veröffentlicht am 19.11.2011

Heading to Europe for the second time as a band, was highly anticipated. After an amazing 5 week long tour in the states with friends, We Came As Romans, Miss May I, Of Mice & Men, and Close to home, we went home for a very brief 6 hours, to find ourselves getting back in the van to head to the airport. The travels overseas this time were much easier and convenient. There was one flight from Philadelphia international to London, then London to Berlin, where we met our tour manager and driver to head to the first show.

Upon arrival to the first show we were very excited and curious to see how things were going to go. While we settled into the venue, changed our strings, and organized our merchandise, we received word that the guys from Tasters arrived. We greeted them with open arms, as we were very excited to meet them, they gave us the same response in return. We knew that this was going to be a great tour.

Now looking further into the tour, we are already nearing the end of our dates in the UK. We have covered grounds from Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, and now various cities around the UK. Still to look forward to, we have multiple German dates, a show in the Netherlands, and to finish the tour off, Salzburg Austria.

Coming into this tour we knew that we were going to see things we have been counting down to see for quite some time. The big highlights of the tour thus far would have to be the French dates, Prague, and Dublin. Lyon as well as Paris were some of the most beautiful cities we have ever seen, we spent both days walking around the site seeing, eating different foods, and taking tons of pictures. It was a a dream come true to see the Eiffel Tower together as a band, we also got to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral, along with the rest of the sites that Paris has to offer. Prague was a day of fun, we played about 10 minutes away from center city, so we were very close to all of the good stuff. Some of us walked around with Tasters, checking out museums, bridges, buildings, and the old clocks of Prague. Being extremely excited to head to Ireland, we hopped on our ferry and headed away from the UK. Only there was a downside, we arrived in Dublin at nightfall, so there really wasn't too much we could do to get around and site see. We made the best of the trip buying gifts for family members at a souvenir shop.

There have been very memorable shows along the way as well. Especially in Rome, Cesena, Wolfsburg, Vienna, Balingen, Lyon, Genk, and Leeds. Its amazing to see the support from fans when we are so far away from home, so shout out to all of the cities for being amazing crowds.

Our van has broken down about 5 times, we are on our fourth van and third driver. These events truly proved to be interesting, but in the end we are out here on the road in Europe have a great time. This has been an amazing tour so far, we love the all of the dudes in Tasters, they are great. Can't wait to continue on this monster 5 week tour, and see what else is in store for us.

For the second and close to final part of the tour, we started it with a much needed day off for rest in the UK. We spent the day eating a variety of fast foods, and sitting in bed all day watching TV.

The next day we made our way to margate, where we played at the Westcoast Bar. It was an awesome day, as well as an awesome show, I hope we can go back to the same place one day. The queen of England was in the city the at the same time we were, but the locals said that we missed her by 1 hour. That would have been the ultimate tour story.

After spending a week and a half in the UK, we made our way back to main land by ferry to head to Cologne. Cologne was hands down in our top three favorite shows of the tour, the kids were incredible, and the venue was packed! The day after this we headed to the Netherlands, where our drummer Adam celebrated his 20th birthday.

Moving into the last part of the tour after the Netherlands, we were looking at 6 more dates, 5 in Germany and 1 in Austria. The shows after the Netherlands in Germany were great, the shows there are always amazing, its one of our favorite countries to play for sure. Bochum, and Hamburg were pretty good, but the real surprise was Dessau. The whole tour we were currious to see how that show would go, on arrival we were all very tired, after a 4 hour drive, to find the temperature outside to be less the desirable. It was freezing outside, this is the first cold winter winds we have felt all year. We relaxed all day, then hit the stage to find a great amount of kids in the crowd, getting ready to rock with us. It turned out to be one of the best shows of the tour, we were not expecting this.

We still have 3 more dates play, then we get on a plane and head back to the US. This tour has been amazing, and we hate to see it end.