Seeds Of Doom - The Festival

Samstag, 19.05.2018

Höret, ihr Jünger des Doom, so sprechen die Veranstalter des Seeds Of Doom Festivals zu euch, welches die Kultstätte der Rockhouse-Bar im Mai in tiefste Schwärze tauchen wird...

"Children of Doom! Harken and behold!

On the eve of 19th May 2018, the Gates of Doom shall open wide and welcome the congregation of initiates deep inside the ancient vaults of Salzburg.

Doom Metal shall resound and shatter the rock, and the great gods of slowness shall be worshipped. So gather ye all and sow the Seeds of Doom with us!

Sorrow, grief, despair.

Thus speaketh ye Council of Doom,
Julia, Franz and Doomchild"

The bands destined to sow the Seeds of Doom:

Doom/Post-Metal from Austria

Doom Metal from Germany

More TBA

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