FAUN + Strigon

Sonntag, 23.06.2019

For the very first time in Slovakia: FAUN + supports

Unique historical music with elements of celtic and nordic folk. German folk mediaval legend FAUN will perform in Slovakia for the very first time. The band puts together medieval music, celtic and nordic folk with modern music. The band was established in 1998 and it is known for using traditional musical Instruments like celtic harp, irish Bouzouki, swedish Nyckelharpa, Mandora, Hurdy-gurdy, Cittern, Low whistles.

So far FAUN has released nine studio albums and two live DVD´s. They have been nominated three times for „ ECHO“ award (the greatest musical award in Germany). The album „Von den Elben“ won a platinum award and it was number 7 on a german album charts 4 weeks running.

The leader of the band is Oliver, who is a Master of Arts in medieval literature. He has over 25 years of musical experience and workshops on string instruments and medieval music. Oliver has cooperated with musicians such as Eluveitie, Celtic woman and more.
Their live shows are always unforgetable experience full of amazing medieval music , celtic a nordic folk.  As supports will be slovak medieval band from Orava called Strigôň and Djembe Picnic band.


Get your ticket via https://predpredaj.zoznam.sk/en/tickets/faun-2019-06-23/