MARION LAMITA: stellt Video zu "Divine Mankind" online!

Veröffentlicht am 28.12.2017 um 09:12 Uhr

MARION LAMITA veröffentlicht zum dritten Mal ein Video zu einem Song ihrer opera-metal EP "Lux In Tenebris":

Marion Lamita über ihren Song:

"This song is more orchestral, more intense, and deals with the fact that we must embrace our dark side to make the light beam in ourselves...
 It's also -as indicated by its name- about the Divinity within Mankind, because for, everything is sacred (cosmos, Nature, Humans, animals, elements...) and I truly believe in Humans, I consider myself as Humanist and we all know that Humans are capable of doing great things in Art, science research... For me, all of this is a materialization of Divinity and this is the key to become a better person. In everybody there is a spark of light, and even if we are sometimes bad people, there is this flame who just want to shine brightly! So we must open our counciousness and try to act in a good way, to spread those good vibes around us." 

Music, Lyrics, Soprano : Marion-Lamita Peubey

Orchestrations (programming and arrangements) : Jean-Philippe Ouamer

Guitars, drums programming : Alexandre Boise

Spoken male voices : Anthony 'Zabrocska' Corbaz

Mix and Mastering: Alexandre Lamia

WERBUNG: Area53 Festival 2019