OCEANS OF SLUMBER: stellen neues Video online!

Veröffentlicht am 26.01.2018 um 15:53 Uhr

OCEANS OF SLUMBER haben heute ein Video zu "The Banished Heart" online gestellt, einem Song aus dem gleichnamigen kommenden Album, das am 02.03.2018 via Century Media Records veröffentlicht wird.

Die Band meint dazu:

As many terrible ups and downs as we've had over the years and as hard as 2017 was for some, we have made something we are very proud of. Something we could funnel into the aural and visual, and something that is bound to crush us and you. We made a record that is a window in time. A chronicling of what life was during it and an album we could call home for a bit. Don’t dance with the devil too often, sometimes he takes the lead and takes you home."






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