FOZZY: Ausgebrannt!

Veröffentlicht am 03.08.2018 um 22:16 Uhr

Während FOZZY gerade von einem Konzert zum nächsten Konzert reisen, wurde ihre Single "Burn Me Out" inklusive Video veröffentlicht.

Gitarrist Rich Ward über den Song: “‘Burn Me Out’ is a sledgehammer riff and a million dollar chorus hook, that married the biggest jump groove since KOOL AND THE GANG's ‘Jungle Boogie.It quickly became one of the highlights of our live set and a fan favorite on our 2018 tour, so ‘Burn Me Out’ was the obvious choice as our next video and focus track. Adopting the theme, ‘There ain't no party like a FOZZY house party,’ we have captured the essence of ‘Burn Me Out’ and who we are as a band.”

Sänger Chris Jericho fügt hinzu:  “4 out of 5 dentists have clarified that ‘Burn Me Out’ is THE song of the summer (and the one that didn’t likes Justin Bieber, so who cares what he thinks) and this video illustrates that! High energy, filled with multiple hooks and hot chicks…it’s the ultimate House Party and we aren’t talking about Kid N Play!”

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